Star Driver mood theme

I've been looking around awhile for a Star Driver mood theme and have come up empty, so I made one myself. Here's a preview for you with some representative moods:

You can find the zip file with all 132 moods here. If you need a tutorial on how to install a new mood them I recommend snubbly's. Start with Part 2- "Installing the theme."

UN-GO ↘ Shinjuurou/Inga ★ Love

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Gosick *SPOILERS* → 015
Kobato. → 007
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? *SPOILERS* → 007
Shiki → 005

Tegami Bachi REVERSE *SPOILERS* → 017
Yumekui Merry *SPOILERS* → 020
Misc (see tags) → 009

Total → 088

HERE @ arabiata

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